Paleta Fiesta

Event Creators is not just a wedding planner in El Paso Texas, so why not throw the perfect party with Paleta Fiesta! We offer ice pops and ice cream in a cup. Hire our service for your next event!


Packages Include:
• 1 hour service included ($25 per extra half hour)
• Ice Pop Push Cart
• Cart Attendant
• Cart Umbrella
• Personalized Menu
• Over 50 ALL NATURAL flavors are available (base of milk or water). The Paletas and Ice Cream are hand-made, Mexican style. 
• Vegan options available

• Low Sugar (Light) options available

Package Prices: 

60 to 120 Paletas or Ice Cream in a cup cost per person is $3.50 + tax.

132 to 240 Paletas or Ice Cream in a cup cost per person is $3.25 + tax.

252 to 420 Paletas or Ice Cream in a cup cost per person is $3.00 + tax.

432 to 492 Paletas or Ice Cream in a cup cost per person is $2.90 + tax.

* Paleta packages are for a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 492 people and are ordered by dozen increments.

* We also have ICE CREAM IN A CUP!

* 1 flavor per dozen Paletas or Ice Cream in a cup.  

* Service is completed once the Paletas or the Ice Cream run out or the service time is up, whatever happens first.

Milk Base Flavors/ Sabores de Leche:

  • Aguacate (Avocado)

  • Arroz con Leche*

  • Café con Almendras (Coffee and Almonds)

  • Cajeta (Caramel)*

  • Cajeta rellena de Cajeta

  • Cereza (Cherry)

  • Chicle (Bubble Gum)

  • Chocolate

  • Chocolate y Menta (Chocolate and Mint)

  • Coco (Coconut)*

  • Cookies and Cream

  • Fresa (Strawberry)*

  • Fresa rellena de Lechera (Strawberry filled with Condensed Milk)

  • Fresa rellena de Vainilla (Strawberry filled with Vanilla)

  • Fresas con Crema (Strawberries and Cream)

  • Frutos Secos (Dry Fruit)

  • Gansito

  • Guayaba (Guava) 

  • Kit-Kat

  • Mamey

  • Mango

  • Mazapan

  • Nuez (Pecan)

  • Pay de Queso con Frutos Rojos (Cheesecake with Berries)

  • Pinole

  • Piñon (Pine Nuts)

  • Pistacho (Pistachio)

  • Platano con Nuez (Banana Pecan)*

  • Rompope

  • Ron con Pasas (Rum and Raisins)

  • Tequila

  • Vainilla (Vanilla)*

  • Yogurt con Durazno (Yogurt and Peaches)

  • Yogurt con Frutas (Yogurt and Fruit)

Water Base Flavors/ Sabores de Agua:​

  • Frutas Light (Fruits and No Sugar)

  • Frutas Tropicales

  • Guayaba (Guava)

  • Jamaica

  • Kiwi

  • Limon (Lime)

  • Limon con Chamoy

  • Mango con Chamoy

  • Mango con Chile

  • Melon (Cantaloupe)* 

  • Naranja

  • Pepino (Cucumber)

  • Pepino Chamoy

  • Pepino con Chia

  • Pepino con Chile (Cucumber with Chili Powder)

  • Piña (Pineapple)*

  • Piña con Chile (Pineapple with Chili Powder)

  • Piña Limón Tequila Shot

  • Platano (Banana)

  • Sandia (Watermelon)*

  • Sandia con Tajin (Watermelon and Chili Powder)

  • Tamarindo

  • Tamarindo con Chile (Tamarindo with Chili Powder)

  • Tamarindo Extra Picoso

  • Uva (Grape)*

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